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Reinvent yourself using these 3 efficient work hack techniques

Apr 17 2020 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha

You finish one more day at the office and signing off with the same feeling – you could have done more? The day was not productive enough! Again, you decide to push yourself tomorrow a bit more than you think you can possibly do.


There are enough studies that show that if you stay positive at work, manage to divide work as per urgency, you go to the workplace with a stress-free mind. You can have more fun and enjoyment, regardless of whether or not you like your day-to-day job responsibilities.


Reinvent yourself with these 3 ways of productivity hack!


1. (10+2) x 5 Technique


How to perform?

10 – Work for ten minutes.  Be focussed towards completion on a single task as a target. Just ten minutes of work continuously. You can get a break once you are done with 10 minutes of focussed work.

2 – After ten minutes of concentration and dedication for work, you get a 2-minute break. Do whatever you want to cool and ease yourself—drink tea/coffee, do chit chat, check your messages, check on social media site updates or whatever you feel like to! But, remember it is just for 2 minutes! Give value to every fragment of seconds.

Time up! Come back to work on the next task on your list.

5 – You need to recapitulate these four more times. This is for a total of one hour’s working/breaking.


3 Important directives to follow this technique


1) You do not need to finish your work in ten minutes, you carry it forward.

2) If you finish the work earlier than ten minutes, put a PAUSE, and jump right to your 2-minute break, then restart another 10 minutes dash.

3) You are not allowed to skip BREAKS. Read it again and go for your defined-time break.


2. Pomodoro technique


In the late 1980s, Francesco Cirillo first came up with the Pomodoro System Cirillo came up with the name (which is an Italian word for “tomato”) because he utilized a tomato-shaped egg timer when managing his time.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique where you divide all of your tasks into 25-minute very focused blocks of time. And there is a five-minute break between each time block.  After completing four Pomodoro you can go for a break. This break is usually for 15 to 30 minutes.


The strategy behind this theory is to hack your focus on one task at a time. Like if you are engaged in making a presentation, be there fully focussed. Chit chat with your co-worker with coffee-talk, checking WhatsApp and replying to text messages or doing any other distracting activity may hamper and shift your focus anywhere than on work.


3. MIT


MIT stands for the Most important task. Easy yet effective and reliable technique!

You can categorize your work as per the need and urgency of work. Of course, you can easily distinguish work types.


Very important & urgent (e.g. presentation due tomorrow)

Important & not urgent (e.g. work out, be in the meeting)

Not important & urgent (e.g. phone calls, replying your HR e-mails)

Not important & not urgent (e.g. checking social media updates, surfing the web)


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