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5 Activities that you can incorporate in your wellness programs

Aug 08 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

Corporate wellness programs have come a long way, and are becoming a staple in many companies to attract talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.

With growing popularity, it will be safe to say that corporate wellness programs are no longer just a “fad,” and they are here to stay. Creativity and innovation are flourishing to keep employee wellness initiatives fresh and exciting.

So, what are some work site wellness activities that you want to implement?

We list a few innovative ideas that you can choose to embrace in your corporate health program.

  1. Walking Meetings – Walking meetings are a great step towards a better workday. A little fresh air might even help stimulate your creativity. A Stanford study discovered the positive effect walking has on creativity, finding that 81 percent of participants can come up with more ideas after they walk. 
  1. Fitness Challenges – A bit of healthy competition never hurts anyone. Fitness challenges can be as simple as tracking the number of steps taken with pedometers, or as ambitious as clocking how many kilometer everyone runs in a week. And by the way, don’t forget to provide a healthy prize for the winner. 
  1. Hey Chef, Prepare a Meal – Healthy eating is as much important as fitness for maintaining employee wellness. It will be a great idea to hire a chef to offer a healthy cooking class. A fun way to mix things up and get everyone engaged. 
  1. Meditation Breaks – Stress management should be an important part of any workplace wellness program. Taking a ten-minute break for meditation or implementing “no-talk times” during the day can help employees de-stress and refocus their energies for improved productivity. 
  1. Wellness Challenges – Fitness challenges can be fun, but wellness challenges are another activity to help improve employee health and performance. Consider including eight-glasses-of-water-a-day challenge or challenging employees to cook more meals at home rather than eating out.

 Winding words—don’t treat corporate wellness initiatives as a band-aid. Engage, motivate, support and strategize.

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