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7 effective ways SMEs too can design their employee wellness program

Jan 22 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Work site wellness programs have the potential to improve employees’ health. But while the vast majority of large employers offer such programs, fewer than one-third of small businesses provide them.



Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs are the actual backbone of the Indian economy. With around 42.5 million companies (including unregistered enterprises), these SME firms employ around 40 percent of India’s workforce.


While SMEs need not necessarily provide expensive sleeping pods, fitness centres or other high priced fitness gadgets to their employees for wellness programs, they can still do their bit for their employees.


Here are 7 easy and economical ways that these small enterprises can do for their employee wellbeing at work.



  1. Running a break timer


Give a break in between work rather than only having lunch-breaks. Employers should motivate employees to detach from work during breaks. This helps to restore energy and will recharge them to resume work.


  1. Lead fitness challenges

If employer cannot afford expensive sleeping pods, and gym or other training facilities at workplace they can introduce fitness challenges like climb the stairs challenge, go for greens, be a fruitarian and many more. Taking a lead by someone would bring a significant change.



  1. Flexible working hours


Research has revealed that flexible work for employees makes them happier, healthier and more productive. Stretched working hours have proven to impact mental well-being significantly at workplace. This has now become the leading cause of absenteeism from the workplace.



4.Building a culture of health and activity 


Motivate your employees and share the story of fit employees at work.Sparing a week’s day time where such fitness story can be told and shared with all.


Establish an area around the company building for a walking path. Simply designate an area for lunchtime walks may add wonders to employee wellbeing.



  1. Healthy Incentives


Giving small incentives to your fit employees can boost their morality. Offering day off or a paid time off can woo them. Employer can also challenge them to earn up to 24 additional hours of paid time off with their level of fitness.



  1. Wellness Workshops 


Inviting various health and wellness experts and practitioners to conduct onsite wellness workshops.



  1. Management wellness treats


Your management team is under lot of pressure most of the time, so it is important to think for their mental well-being at work. Employers can treat them by scheduling a yearly management retreat at a health spa or in a wellness centre.



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