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A peep into Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s workday

Feb 04 2019 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix


To be the CEO of a trillion-dollar company is no mean feat.


Tim Cook, head of Apple, is one of the few super successful business executives who are awake before the sun. He usually wakes up by 4 AM each day and starts off by reading emails and comments from Apple users.


At around 5 AM he goes for a workout to the gym for an hour that helps him keep stress at bay.



Cook called himself a “fitness nut” in one of his interviews. He usually logs 50 minutes of daily exercise on his Apple Watch that’s helped him lose 30 pounds. He has stated that exercise as an important cog in his life that helps him remain at top of his mental game. Considering his privacy, he doesn’t work out on Apple’s campus gym.



Cook’s eating habits


Considering calories in mind he prefers sugar-free cereals. Cook sticks to high protein diet throughout.


He prefers unsweetened almond milk and scrambled egg whites in meals. He has also been seen to snack on energy bars during work meetings.




Outdoor time


Besides working hard and pushing his employees harder, Cook enjoys spending time outdoors, often hiking and riding his bicycle in his free time, which is rare.



Rest to get set again


Cook understands the importance of getting a sound sleep and its impact on the body’s metabolism. So, he tries to get enough rest before starts over again. Around seven hours of sleep is what he tries to get.



Leading from the front: Focus on Apple employees’ health and wellness


Considering the modern lifestyle work and alarming sitting disorders, a standing desk is considered good for the employee. “If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle,” Cook says.



The Apple campus is full of fruit trees and has on-campus “Caffe Macs” cafeterias. Employees can eat those fruits during their lunch and dinner. There is also a massive gym providing modern high- tech workout machines.



To minimize time, shuttle services are available to take on-site workers to satellite offices and the company’s old headquarters.


Cook’s idea of providing such an atmosphere for the employees is to get a phenomenal level of creativity and innovation at work.


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