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A peep into IBM’s culture of workplace wellbeing

Dec 05 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix


~Team Fitgenix


“Our ability to serve clients and communities depends upon our employees’ well-being.” – IBM

Staying true to the above quote, IBM has been one of the few that have long understood that investing in a culture of health and well-being makes sense for both its employees and its business.



The tech giant’s commitment to employee health, well-being and safety dates to the early history of the company. IBM established a leadership position on workplace safety even before Thomas J. Watson Jr. issued the first formal policy in 1967. In 1932, Thomas J. Watson Sr., IBM’s first president and general manager, told the Third Annual Greater New York Safety Conference: “Safety is a matter of individual responsibility for each factory, for each establishment, for each president, for each executive, for each foreman and for each worker.”





IBM’s culture of health


IBM’s commitment to workplace safety was formalized almost two decades ago in 1999. There was a separate management team established in name of Health and Safety Management System (HSMS).


The vision of IBM revolves around the safety and overall health of their employees. IBM says it has spent more than $130 million on wellness since 2004.



IBM’s employee incentives


To encourage employee participation in wellness programs and to facilitate long-term adoption of healthy behaviors, IBM provides employee incentives for participation through its Healthy Living Rebate programs. It has awarded more than 600,000 rebates for engagement in Preventive Care, Physical Activity-Nutrition, Children’s Health, and Smoking Cessation programs. There’s even a rebate for taking part in a program to help employees’ children lead healthy lifestyles and maintain a healthy weight.



Catching employees’ attention


A web-based platform is the locus for employee engagement in health improvement, providing access to flexible, behavior based programming that accomplishes the following:


-Helps employees determine their readiness for specific lifestyle changes (based on   Prochaska’s research on stages of change and behavior change techniques)


 -Promotes resources to take action toward health goals based on individual stage of change


– Provides access to online communities and teams that provide social support and


– Allows users to monitor and evaluate progress against their personal wellness vision


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