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Avoid culture of toxic workplace politics with these 6 effective techniques

Nov 30 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~Smriti Jha


Power and authority reflect behavioural change in human interaction, and that breeds politics at the workplace. Some people adopt this as a strategy to gain an advantage over their peer group. The stronger survives while the innocent and sensitive employees find difficult to concentrate on their work resulting in poor performance and low productivity.




Office politics can sometimes get really nasty with people losing their clients or contracts. It all goes down to human communications and relationships. This is why it’s important to protect yourself from work politics and keep a safe distance by not indulging into it.


Fitgenix shares 6 effective ways to thrash office politics



  1. Don’t get over friendly

The moment you get too friendly or personal at workplace by sharing any subjective opinion you are inviting unintentional danger, no matter how innocuous your opinion is. Keep a safe distance from personal discussions.



  1. Create a work-life balance

Maintain a work-life balance. Engage yourself in social life with your family and friends other than from workplace peer group. Don’t let workplace and social life get intertwined and avoid the chances of a fair and objective mechanism of work gets diminished and the scope for politics increases manifold.



  1. Have a neutral approach

Be objective and neutral if someone approaches you for advice. Reserve your opinions and thoughts for the ears of your intimate friends and family outside workplace. Vent out your work related exasperation to your friends and family. They will guide you without any vested interest and keep your best interests in their hearts.



  1. Ignorance is indeed bliss

If anybody’s ignorance at work bothers you, try to speak to them directly instead of letting know about it to every corner of the office. Getting personal into professionalism may cost you a big disappointment. So, ignore and focus on the work you are assigned and prove your worth.




  1. Turn a deaf ear

Avoid any place where you find people huddling and gossiping. Sometimes a deaf ear is better. Do not let anyone mould your opinion about anybody else. You are able enough to judge for yourself whom to befriend and whom to be wary of. As a rule, beware of gossip mongers always!



  1. Don’t lose self respect

If you try to pave your way up the ladder through means other than honesty and genuine work, then you are undermining your own capabilities and disrespecting you morality. Can you stay happy with such low self-esteem? It is better to respect your own thoughts and values.

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