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Employers are predicting analytics for employee health and wellness

Dec 02 2020 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Mishra


Predictive analytics is an effective way to encompass a variety of statistical techniques that help analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about the future.


In the ongoing supreme digital era, the Internet of Things (IoT) is used by corporate organizations to put a check on employee health and well-being. The corporate companies understand that personal technology has become more mainstream now. Thus, employers are adopting various wearable technology due to its ease, availability, and benefits.


These wearables technology gives benefits to the employers also. Employers now can trace the data by identifying healthy employees and unhealthy employees with their early warning health signs. A healthy employee is an asset to the company. H/She will always add to productivity.


How these health analytics can lead to improvements in health benefit for employers and their employees?


  • The advanced data collection and analysis techniques are used for health improvements; something that is currently being realized in business process management.


  • Wearable technology presents important opportunities for benefits managers to embrace digitization. Consumer wearable devices allow employers to proactively engage their employees in work.


  • There is unselfish attempt to change employee health habits, which provides value to the employees, to their employers, and to overall work performance.


  • Data collected from employees’ wearable devices can help benefits employers reduce health risks.


  • Employers and their employees both complement each other. Employers benefit because healthy employees are more productive; employees benefit through the use of their data to help improve their quality of life.




By leading and motivating employees for the wearable device will focus on improving employees’ health and well-being. Employers will also develop trust among employees and clients who in return will raise the brand value of the company.


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