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Employers have potential reasons for going green at work

Feb 13 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


The modern workplace has come a long way in terms of ergonomics and technology. They constantly adapting and changing to meet the work requirements by boosting the employees’ productivity.



A growing number of organizations have come up with a new productivity tool. Companies are considering ‘going green’ will help in creating a more inspiring work environment. Also, by practicing green strategies in the workplace, employees will be more likely to carry green habits into their homes.



Here are the 10 potential reasons for adopting the green policy at work.


1. Companies that enforce green practices have the opportunity to save more.


Apart from adopting gadget marked with energy star label, reminding employees to power down devices, turn off lights, and using less energy around the office area, are good practice to curtail expenditures.



 2. Combating illness


Using green products reduces employee exposure to allergens, toxins, and harmful chemicals, at the workplace, reduces the likelihood of illness at work.


Research says healthy workers are almost three times more productive than unhealthy workers.



3. Safeguard the workplace by saying NO to VOC




Volcanic organic compounds aka VOCs are harmful gasses emitted from office interior products and stationery items. The harmful emission of gasses from paints, air- fresheners, printer, adhesives, permanent markers etc. leads to URTI or upper respiratory tract infection, and other health hazards at work. Proper ventilation and plantation help to cleanse the air of such harmful pollutants at work.



4. Brings efficiency at a workstation


A healthy mind is more efficient!

Following green standards drives employees’ need to solve problems, helping them to find more efficient solutions throughout their work.



5. Personification


Promoting green practices aligns with employees’ positive attitude towards the employer.

Working within green standard motivates employees to work harder for a good cause.



6. Going- green is attracting more employees


Employees too, are choosy when it comes to employer values and principle.

When it comes to adding a noble cause to society and place, employees extend their willingness to be a part of it.

The employer attracts and retains the best talent by cultivating such a green-work environment.



7. Green policy speaks about brand honesty





Honest brands earn their employees’ belief as well as customers’ trust in them.

Company’s employees are naturally seen more active in maintaining the brand’s green identity. They feel safe and confident to speak and share about employer’s brand and loyalty.



8. Building a strong work relationship



The green policy of a company makes a strong team of employees who work towards a common goal – to save the environment. Similar work spirits boost the employee relationship at work.



 9. Breathing pure


Going green means getting more freshness and good health at your door.

Employees reported increased concentration levels and better air quality in an office with plants.



10. Keeping employee wellbeing


Going green is a step ahead for keeping the good health and wellbeing. The companies who encourage plants and flowers in the office premise are found to have lower indoor contaminants. This not only helps in keeping employees healthier but also, put an enormous positive impact on work. Plants curtail chaotic work lives.










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