The Healthy CXO.

For the 16-inches biceps CEO Brian Chesky, staying-in-shape is his design of life

Nov 09 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


A healthy life is built with a strong mindset and dedication. This is the best remedy that can stop breeding unwanted anxiety, ailments, and apathy at work as well as at home. Science has also backed on the role of a healthy life and exercise in boosting work productivity!


Sticking with this remedy, Brian Chesky, the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb has been balancing and leading the work and life. Carrying a big profile and the busy schedule doesn’t affect his fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He maintains a good physique and mostly keeps a healthy diet routine.



Brian is a former competitive bodybuilder; the reason why he has an inclination towards eating right and stay- in- shape. He understood the sincerity for future health in his college days. Brian had promised his father to get a job with health insurance and healthcare benefits.




More than a bodybuilder, Brain is an artist. But, in his earlier growing-days of Airbnb, Brian had to suffer because of several investors’ denial in investing Airbnb. Just because he was a bodybuilder earlier. Brian initial days of being an entrepreneur were not easy. He had gone through thick and thin to achieve what he is Today. He even had lived on munching only Cap’n McCain’s. Though Brain used to be happy thinking to eat something nutritious as it is rich in fiber.


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When I was at Rhode Island School of Design, I wanted to also pursue some sort of sports, and we didn’t have very many sports, so I just started weightlifting.

I like to say that I’ve lived like a number of lives. The first life was as a hockey player, second life was as an artist. Then, for a period of time, I was a bodybuilder, then I was an industrial designer. Now, here I am as an entrepreneur

 ~ Brian Chesky





The challenge- acceptor Brain has been a sports enthusiast. The zest for sports was on the peak during his college days. Brian along with his present co-founder Joe Gebbia ran sports clubs. This was something quite unusual from students of arts faculty. Brian ran the hockey team; Joe ran the basketball team.



The sports spirit never dulls for Brian. He is broadening his multi-billion company globally without compromising on his health and fitness!


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