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Going downtime vastly improves focus and performance, researchers find

May 07 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Majority of employees feel that taking breaks at intervals help them feel energized at work. The employees can use break times by munching on a healthy meal or engage in some exercise and stretching or they can engage in self- relaxation and destress postures. If you do not feel like doing anything mentioned above, just sit and relax your mind. This too is enough to reenergize at work!

There are much research-backed health, wellness and performance benefits of taking adequate breaks in between the work.



PFC: Think box of the brain


The prefrontal cortex (PFC), the thinking part of your brain keep you focused at work. It is responsible for logical thinking and executive functioning. The work-stress level and it’s worsening ill health impact has already alarmed the employers to think upon.

As per Dr. Linda Mah, clinician scientist, University of Toronto, the Pathological anxiety and chronic stress are associated with structural degeneration. This can impair the functioning of the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex (PFC), that results in neuropsychiatric disorders, including depression and dementia.



A new study in the journal Cognition demonstrates that even brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on that task for prolonged periods.


Know more about how deactivating from work help to reactivate and allow you to focus at work.


Movement breaks

Getting up from your chair to stroll down, stretch, yoga, or whatever activity you would like to deviate from work, will reduce the ill effects of prolonged sitting. Few minutes walkabout break can also help improve your health and well-being.



Take Breaks as an Antidote for decision fatigue

If you are stuck somewhere in planning a project or moving the work ahead; take a pause! Even a short quick break will make you feel rejuvenated.


Benefits of Doodling

Studies reveal that doodling can bring innovative ideas. Take out some free time, prioritize either. This can also help you stay focused.


Mindfulness meditation       

Look at the way our brain behaves. The beta waves are dramatically reduced during the meditation session. It lowers down the stress level and brings creativity.



Going green

Employers are encouraging Greens at work. There are low lights and low maintenance plants are available for office set up. The concept of going Green help employees to improve their immune system. This also improves the focus and boost their work productivity. Precisely, it helps in generating ‘‘ Three Rs’‘ that stands for Reduce (stress), Repair and Rethink.


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