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How Infosys ensures its employees are “HALE” and healthy

Dec 12 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~Team Fitgenix



The HALE (Health Assessment and Lifestyle Enrichment) initiative, launched by Infosys in 2003 was started to focus on the triad of employee health, quality of life and work environment.



HALE and healthy employees


The initiative has led to rise in employee productivity and morale. This in turn has helped sharpen the company’s competitive edge in the marketplace. As per Infosys, this initiative has brought a significant increase in the employee engagement scores.


Activities that come within the ambit of HALE program


As a software company, Infosys has put to use new technologies to provide healthy options and lifestyle tips for employees. Infoscions are enjoying the services right from helpline numbers to getting a reminder on the desktop app.

There are a host of service offerings like HALE Hotline, InfyTV shows, InfyFit, in house- InfyRadio, and a desktop app called Blink O Wink App to improve employee wellness. “Blink O Wink” is the most popular at the workplace as they constantly remind employees to take a break, stretch, drink some water and relax in between work.



Infosys Disease and Wellness Management Solution



Infosys has a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform-based disease management and lifestyle management portal solution. This is customised to support various types of disease management programs such as medication compliance, diet and nutrition management, lifestyle improvement and any variant of the program as required.


Data source: Infosys

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