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How Procter & Gamble empowering employees and making their life vibrant

Mar 27 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~Smriti Jha


The company as a team is dedicated to making life better for people all over the world. P&G wants people to really understand how the team is working hard to add the meaningful work they do. And so, the company’s employees deserve benefits that help them live better lives too.


Employee well-being programs

Work-life balance is so important to P&G. After all, their business is about making life easier and better and the company wants that for employees just as much as their consumers and their day-to-day lives.

Here are the P&G’s vibrant employees well-being plans!


Wellness plan

As a P&G team member, the employees enjoy benefits that help them to live a vibrant, happy, healthy life. The company offers great healthcare options, including private medical insurance, plus a range of well-being programs.

Employees have access to well-equipped gyms, fitness, and relaxation classes, as well as active sports and social clubs. They also receive great savings and discounts on gym memberships.



 Health and well-being

Employees have options that include generous parental leave policies, flexible working arrangements, group life insurance, permanent health insurance. Also, they get dedicated support to help them find the right child care or elder care.


Workplace ergonomics

P&G’s head office renovations are designed with the help of employee focus groups keeping ergonomics in mind. The unique workplace continues to be fine-tuned in keeping with the company’s evolving digital workspace concept, Digital 2.0 that features no desk assignments and open-concept collaborative workspaces. Employees are provided with multiple seating configurations where summer students can be found working alongside the company’s President.




Employees are provided the flexible working hours, remote working options to smoothen the workflow. Such flexibility of working hours now appears at the top of both employees and employers Wishlist.


Employees future development

The company strongly supports ongoing employee development. To boost the employee academics, they are offered tuition subsidies for courses related and unrelated to their current position up to $5,000 annually.

Employees are also offered a number of online and in-house training programs, from leadership development to guest speakers to summer internships for the young brains.


Vibrant living program

Through P&G’s vibrant living program, employees participate in various initiatives to promote health and wellness throughout the year. This includes an annual health risk assessment and mental health awareness events. Additionally, the company provides health and wellness spending accounts, allowing employees to specify levels of coverage as well as transfer unused credits to additional salary, savings or time offs.



Health action plan

P&G recently launched a mental health action plan which focuses on creating awareness, fostering well-being and reducing stigma. The company also created the Power of the Minds Champions Program to engage employees who have experience with mental health issues as role models and resources for others.


Reinforcing Leadership

The company’s executives conduct annual diversity reviews with senior-level employees from across all business units to assess progress and reinforce leadership accountability. The senior leaders also have diversity results tied to their stock options awards.



Learning and awareness for a social cause

P&G offers training on a variety of topics to help employees adopt inclusive practices, including gender differences, LGBT awareness, persons with disabilities and inclusive leadership.


Leaves policy

Employees spend leaves and vacation time doing more of the things they enjoy with their loved ones. The generous paid vacations are offered that increases with service durations. Employees can also have the advantages of taking personal leaves of absence.


Corporate events and activities

P&G corporate-sponsored volunteer events have been conducting from quite a long. Employees across can discover more about who the company is working with on their country’s specific P&G pages.


Financial perks

The company values employees for their work and the family well- being. To ease the financial stress, employees get the package that includes interest-free loans, a tax-advantageous share purchase plan, a contributory pension plan, and financial education on topics including purchasing the first home.

Additional perks include discounted P&G products from the company shops and a discount platform offering the unbeatable savings on everything from groceries to exotic holidays.


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