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How the FruitGuys keep employees healthy across the USA

Jan 15 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Chris Mittelstaedt is a pioneer industry leader in delivering farm fresh fruits to the workplace across United States.

Around 20 years ago, Chris Mittelstaedt had the idea to sell fruit to San Francisco’s offices where stressed-out, dot-com employees were living on caffeine, sugar and other junks.

It was a time when the concept of workplace wellness had not emerged. Mittelstaedt grabbed this opportunity to promote a healthy workforce and boost productivity by delivering fruit to offices and sourcing directly from small, independent, and family-run American farms.



Today, Mittelstaedt’s team at FruitGuys has been delivering farm-fresh fruits for 3000 companies, including Tesla and SpaceX and a number of Fortune 500 firms across the US.

According to their website, the company was founded on the premise that bringing healthy brain food to the office can boost productivity, improve wellness and help companies improve their bottom lines.



What they offer and the impact


FruitGuys is a pioneer in providing farm fresh fruits to the American workplaces since 1998.

They offer next-day farm fresh and seasonal fruits delivery in an environmentally friendly packaging.

According to FruitGuys, their team visits each farm, gets to know the farmers, and sample the fruit before including it in their crates.

Workers with access to fresh fruit at work showed a statistically significant increase in fruit, vegetable, and total fruit and vegetable consumption, and purchasing of fruit.

Companies have seen improvements in self reported health amongst employees, increase in morale due to the fruit offering. Larger organisations use the fruit and FruitGuys individual take home program to help with issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and other disease management issues that they are attempting to address.



Green approach


Team has a commitment for using eco-friendly packaging. All delivery boxes are made of 75 to 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard, printed with soy-based inks that can be reused up to four times.



Noble deeds


Currently, the company donates over 400,000 pounds of farm produce to American people in need.

With their Donate-A-Crate program, customers can choose to donate their fruit to charity when their offices are closed for the holidays. Another effort- FruitGuys Farm Steward program allows them to give back to family farms by providing small grants, loans, and useful farming gifts.


Fruitguys have spawned numerous competitors behind leading a culture of health and wellness concern at work!

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