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Ingersoll Rand: Company that values employees health

Nov 29 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


A couple of years back, the present world’s largest maker of zero-emission vehicles, Ingersoll Rand came into limelight by successfully reducing GHG emissions by 37% – surpassing its goal two years early. Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified firm with a commitment to sustainability.


Along with the customer’s satisfaction, the company works hard on their employees work satisfaction as well. The employees here can take benefits of various in-house employee wellness programs. Apart from regular wellness initiatives including training, daily tips, and counseling sessions available the employees & their families through the employee assistance program, Ingersoll Rand also engages their employees in its exciting Health Progress program.


Shirin Salis, Vice President, Human Resources at Ingersoll Rand, India says, “We encourage our employees to get active and incorporate health and wellness activities into their daily lives’’.



Ingersoll Rand offers employees a comprehensive health care benefits program

Healthcare program includes a range of medical treatment options. Employees who enroll themselves and their family members in these programs get numerous opportunities to become educated and, they can proactively prevent diseases too.


Health Saving Account Initiative

 To support the employees, the company offers Health Savings Account contributions for participation in the Health Progress program.


Wellness activities

The company offers various wellness activities to their employee that include health coaching, healthy maternity program, tobacco cessation program, using the company’s cost transparency tool. The employees can also take benefits of participating in company-sponsored wellness challenges, and tracking steps using apps or a fitness device.


100-day physical challenge

 The company’s global challenge program is an annual 100-day physical activity challenge where Ingersoll Rand employees compete with each other and employees of other companies across the world.

The employees here, sign up for the challenge in teams of seven. They track their steps through a virtual journey around the world. Through this fitness path, employees can focus on various health aspects like physical activity level, food & nutrition, and sleep. The company claims it as an interesting way for the employees to take care of their health and strike the right work-life balance.

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