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LifeDojo-an employee wellness platform that backs on the science of behaviour change.

Feb 27 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


LifeDojo, a start-up founded in 2013 by Chris Cutter came up with unique employee wellbeing solution. The purpose is to bridge the gap between hopes and reality of company wellness culture. The company claims to solve the employer’s crisis of under-utilized disease management, health issues, and well-being benefits through an all-encompassing employee behavioural change program.




The three-core function area


Employee wellness program has three main pathways- mastering stress, developing healthy eating and boosting happiness index. The third gets Cutter particularly excited because it’s unique in the wellness world. Under this program, users can choose from guided paths in generosity, building friendships, journaling, mindfulness and passion projects.


Cutter says, “Our model is, ‘’the first point of contact for healthcare should be wellbeing.’’ We get the highest enrolment rates of any type of platform because people want to work on these non-threatening habits. And they want their own personal coach.



How the program functions?


This digital platform empowers employees to design their own 12-week behaviour change programs. Employees undergo 5 pillars program to bring required modification in their behaviour.  Each employee is pair with one assigned coach who tracks and guides for the healthy, happy and more fulfilled life.



Lifedojo’s 5 pillars of employee behavior change



Lifedojo helps the employer to move from a “wellness” mindset to “wellbeing’’.

The company believes that healthy habits are not only about eating well, or exercising, they are also a matter of making the right kinds of decisions when it comes to problem-solving, project management, or prioritization.

Understanding the science behind the behavioural change, Lifedojo has come up with the five pillars program. This helps them to design an effective employee wellbeing platform.


What is the 5 pillar behaviour program focuses on?



Pillar 1: Focus on the right kind of motivation


Rewards are offered in exchange for employees showing certain good behaviours. e.g. giving a gift card to any employee who participates in a biometric screening. This can be a great way to inspire employees to take part in developing healthy behaviours like walking, running, and many more. Also, an employer can give a strong motivation so that employees themselves can choose a single habit to focus on.



Pillar 2: Let employees design their own wellbeing program


Unlike the traditional wellness program that tells employees for quitting smoking or changing their diet etc., Lifedojo let employees design their own program by providing a coach to assist.

It is important for the health and wellbeing program goals to be in alignment with the individual’s health goals.



Pillar 3: Focus employees on developing one healthy habit at a time


Habits are as hard to break as it is to create.

As per the studies on behaviour, it can take between 66 and 88 days to form a new healthy habit or for a new behaviour to inculcate. It takes nearly 10 weeks of repetitive, reliable action for a new behaviour to stick.

Employees can start modifying the routine behaviour by bringing new healthy habits like doing 15 minutes of exercise before dinner or doing 25 sit-ups in the morning or including healthy fats and low carbohydrates in the diet. Yes, it is going to take time but such small modification in your behaviour ensures you for a healthy change.



Pillar 4: Make the approach person-centered rather than clinical or medical.


Person-Centred Therapy or PCT is an approach to physical and mental health. This aims at bridging the gap between a person’s goals and reality.

Team Lifedojo understands that forming new habits is much more complex than most people realize, there is often a disconnect between someone’s desire to change their behaviour and what they are actually able to accomplish. PCT is all about accepting persons where they are and supporting them in whatever change they want to focus on.


Pillar 5: Create an environment where employees can make healthy decisions.


The workspace has a great impact on employees’ behaviour and emotion.

Lifedojo believes that everything from desk setup and office layout to food placement and breakout spaces can influence the working environment and the employee wellbeing. A well-designed environment can impact employee habits and make them more (or less likely) to behave in certain ways.


The employer should focus on positive work environment for their employees that helps them to stick to healthy habits.



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