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More than break rooms: How these 3 companies recharge their employees at the workplace

Dec 06 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix


You all work non-stop. There is a flurry of phone calls, e-mails and meetings, and not to forget the constant glare of fluorescent lights of closed cabinets in the office. All this at times could lead to “brain drain.”


To renew your lost energy, some employers have come up with an idea of creating a “quiet or recharge room,” to restore the mental and physical energy sapped by the daily long hours of grind.


The room allows one to enter into a restorative oasis of mental peace and solitude to perform better, and tackle projects with renewed energy.


Globally, companies like Unilever, Google and Zappos are the most talked having a well-being zones for their respective workplace. Such “recharge zones” range from quiet places for meditation and naps to fully functional gyms where employees can work up a sweat between stretched working hours.





The purpose of having a quiet room at Unilever workstation is “to provide employee with a space for mindfulness, meditation, rest and recovery.” Employees can rest or meditate in the Well-being Zone’s quiet room. There is also a “Movement Zone” for activities like yoga, massages and stretching. And there’s a completely silent area where employees can take a break and rest.




Google is also famous for its futuristic “nap pods” that allow employees to take a snooze in the middle of the work place inside of a pod designed to put them to sleep with soothing noises.



Managers often reward employees with “massage credits” which can be used for free massages on campus. Now that’s an excellent incentive to work hard!




The Las Vegas-based shoe retailer understands the benefits of having healthy employee for their productive workplace.

In addition to a campus fitness center and a weight management program, if an employee needs a quick break, they can take a short trip to a designated nap room. This is more like a high-tech sleeping pods for employees to recharge and get ready to work at full productivity.



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