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New Technologies can play an essential role in fostering wellness: Report

Aug 20 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

New technologies can play an essential role in fostering wellness in the built environment, whether through control or automation of variables like lighting and temperature, or the monitoring of factors like air quality and energy use, says a report from Colliers International India.


This will ultimately contribute positively to business results by reducing the usage of utilities as well as health or productivity-related losses.


Wearable, health apps, online fitness communities and knowledge portals can also empower employees to take greater responsibility for their health and support.


“In India, employee wellness concerns among Corporate have slowly made headway. Corporate are increasingly offering wellness programmes for their employees such as health checkups, dietary advice, personalized counseling sessions as well as tele counseling sessions. Some of the companies are providing facilities such as gym and healthy food choices in their cafeterias. Although, it is just a beginning, these wellness programs have proven to be a useful device for change at work. As more and more employees are making wellness a priority, owners, and occupiers will have little choice but to adopt it,” says Surabhi Arora, Senior Associate Director, Research at Colliers International India.


The report also highlighted challenges while pursuing wellness and implementing enabling technologies. “Some will be physical or infrastructure-related such as the difficulty of retrofitting an ageing building; with more environment-friendly materials while others will have more to do with financial constraints or changing mindsets like building awareness of a new fitness incentive program among employees or convincing the finance department of the organization,” the report stated.

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