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Nick woodman, an adventurous surfer believes passion is a way to success

Mar 18 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Nick Woodman, is an extreme sports advocate who enjoys takings challenges. The passion for adventures, and his unconventional behavior and eccentricities avidly coined him ‘’mad millionaire’’.



Passion for adventurous sports


This energy packed CEO has always loved partaking in adventure, especially surfing. Nik has been practicing surfing since the age of 8. He continues his childhood passion for surfing either early in the morning or multiple times a day.

He also hits the slopes for some skiing when time permits. Nik is a noted adrenaline junkie, snowboarder, and a mountain biker.


Check out the video of Nick Woodman Surfing on Snowdonia.



Video source: GoPro


About health and nutrition


His water intake is more than that of an average person. Nik believes that surfing is a great activity that strengthens both your muscles and maintains the balance. To maintain his shape, Nik tries to have good control over calories consumptions. He consumes around 350 Kcal/day or approximately 1750 Kcal/week.




Nik’s views on employee wellness ~ Live It. Eat It. Love It.


Nik takes employee wellness as seriously as his own.  His company GoPro has honestly created “a culture of well-being for employees to keep them healthy, happy and stoked on life.”



Employees are provided various programs covering physical, social, mental and preventative wellness. The Company also check employee survey responses, trends and benchmarks annually to see the scope of innovative wellness ideas.


Employees can use the break time by engaging themselves in on-site fitness classes or can go for biometric testing or volunteering in the local community. They have also the choice of grabbing a group for a bike, surf or skate.


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