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Padmasree warrior balances her life by integrating work, family, community, and self

Mar 06 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Meet Padmashree Warrior, a former CEO of NIO U.S. She is an iconic woman leader in the tech industry and, one of the most influencing global leaders.


Indian born Padmasree has worked in various multinational companies Cisco, Motorola, NextEV in all her capacities. She has been one among few women, beating all odds at every stage.



Padmasree backs for more dynamic women leaders


Padmasree speaks for the ‘need of women in leadership roles’ on various forums.  She is always striving to see the dynamic role of a woman in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. She believes that women have to cross the barriers and find a niche for themselves.



Fitness and lifestyle


She is a dedicated fitness practitioner!

Padmashree wakes up at dawn every day. Meditation and yoga are the regular day rituals for her. She mostly does cardio and resistance training for more than an hour before she moving to the office.



Commitment to fitness


When her son was born, Padmasree was in charge of a factory. The time when both work and life were demanding time. But she always has a commitment to keep health on a priority list.

At one point, she moved her treadmill into her son’s room, so she could exercise while looking after him, Padmasree shared this in her one of the interviews.





Padmasree believes in balancing things by integration!

The four aspects, she believes to be integrated honestly in life are work, family, community and yourself. One should focus to balance the life by integrating all these four vital components. She further says, ‘’It’s not about trying to spend equal amounts of time on everything you do each day but making sure you are paying attention to all the things that make it up as a whole human being’’.



Success mantra


Being authentic, approachable, welcome brainstorming ideas, these all clubs into her perception of becoming successful.

Watch the video for her insights.

Video source: Fresh Dialogues



Achievements and awards


Fortune magazine has ranked Padmasree as one of the rising stars in the business field. She also bagged 11th position in the list of Most Influential Global Indian by The Economic Times.

She was also crowned as the “Queen of the Electric Car Biz” by Fortune Magazine.



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