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Samsung’s commitment for workplace wellness

Mar 20 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Samsung is committed to employee health and well-being. This commitment got a pace ever since the new Samsung@First building opened in 2015. The entire floor was dedicated for gym space and that too, with a free membership for employees.



High tech gym zone


This gym carries advanced training equipment for cardio and other exercises. The indoor gym is complemented by outdoor exercise facilities. Employees are assisted with professional health consultations. Trainers do the body composition analysis and use biomechanics screen to assess for muscle dysfunction if any. To make aware the employees for good food habits and assisting for the right meal plan, certified nutritionist assists in a better way.


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To keep track of workout duration and check the intensity, employees can purchase MyZone heart rate monitors, and hook them up to the displays mounted around the gym.


Wellness group-classes


For those employees who do not develop an interest in working out in the gym, they have an alternative. They can choose from a variety of group exercise classes. The various group exercise classes range from lower intensity barre to higher intensity activities. Employees are seen excited for yoga sessions, boot camps, and kickboxing classes.


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Company’s effort in workplace disease prevention


Samsung with the help of its device solutions business helps control of infectious disease prevention to control such diseases in workplaces. The company also monitors outbreaks of any contagious diseases in countries that the employees may visit or transfer through, and prohibit business trips to countries that present an unacceptable risk.



Emergency card


Employees are provided with personal emergency cards. This contains all the vital information, such as blood type, emergency contacts, and safety instructions. Health instructions are mentioned on the cards for those employees who are on overseas business trips. This is to ensure that they receive help in the event of an emergency.

Employees returning from overseas business trips receive mandatory health check-ups before they go back to the workplace, thus preventing the spread of any infectious disease.



Ergonomics risk assessment


Company with the initiative to improve employee health carries out ergonomic risk assessments. This help prevents the muscle and bone-related diseases by identifying potential problems at the workplaces.


Multiple numbers of preventions center for musculoskeletal disorders are available for the employees within the facilities of the company.



The SHRI initiative


Samsung health research institute aka SHRI was initiated with a vision of creating a healthy, safe and risk- free workplace. The company does health research from ground to a global level for its employees.




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