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The adrenaline junkie: Fitness regime of Google’s co- founder Sergey Brin

Feb 11 2019 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix


The billionaire co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin is a great sports enthusiast. He is not the type to shy away from any kind of athletic challenges. His passion for sports and various acrobatic workouts has made him also known as ‘The adrenaline junkie.’




Routine fitness and diet


Apart from challenging his mind, Brin likes to push his body to the limits in any way he can think of. He is fond of doing a variety of acrobatic things like roller hockey, frisbee to gymnastics, springboard diving, and even high-flying trapeze. He has taken trapeze classes at a local circus gym.


His dedication to regular physical activities and workout exercises made his father once ask him if he had chosen any advanced courses of study.


The motivation behind enthusiasm for exercise


In the year 1999, Brin was shocked to know that his mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In 2008 he got to know he is also carrying the defect in his gene that would substantially increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease.


Since then he decided to do regular physical exercises and include routine healthy diet to curtail the risk of developing the disease.


Meditation is another routine thing for Brin. This is the best stress reliever, he says.


Team bonding with workout


Brin leads Googlers to athletic complexes for various team bonding events. He has been an inspiration to the team with his great stamina and enthusiasm for the exercise and different sports activities. He shares his passion for different sports and exercise activities with all.

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