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The transformation of Anurag Dixit is an inspiration personified

Apr 25 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Mishra


From covering breaking news to stay on top news trends, Journalists devote hours and hours of hard work and dedication. Working for such odd hours, sitting prolonged for work do not usually allow them to think about nutrition and fitness. However, the type of profession they are in demands an active and fit body.

Research reveals that cardio and aerobic exercise appears to boost the size of the hippocampus: a part of the brain involved in learning and verbal memory. Regular exercise and good nutrition to the brain helps to focus and concentrate at work. These studies might have alarmed Anurag Dixit.



Anurag Dixit is one name in the media industry who has caught the attention on social media platforms by several media and other working professionals who used to think that maintain fitness is an uphill task. Anurag had been a long- time anchor of Lok Sabha news channel. Presently, he is active on News Nation channel. He writes for various media platforms as well.


In the interview given to Fitgenix founder Smriti Mishra, Anurag Dixit is revealing his fitness secret and his weight loss journey.


Q. How did your interest in fitness develop, and how has your approach evolved over the years?

A few years back, my weight was more than 90 kg and I had developed pain in my legs. The condition was getting worse. It was painful while sitting and driving the car as well. That was indeed a difficult time for me. Being a TV anchor, I have to sit for extended hours.

The Doctor advised me for immediate weight reduction. I was determined to shape myself. I came to know about nutritionist & wellness expert Smriti Jha, I immediately placed my request in front of her. She gave me the assurance and confidence for weight loss without compromising much on food. Along with that, I started working out in the gym. My trainer was helping me in strength training exercises. So, I must say nutrition and workout together had helped me transform completely.



Q. Do you believe that keeping an active, healthy lifestyle helps you more focussed at work?

Yes, of course, I feel the benefits of eating healthy and sweating out in the gym. Now, I feel more active throughout the day. Moreover, a healthy body brings more innovative ideas and help you be active throughout at work. The level of confidence is also high.


Q. How was your entire weight loss journey? 

That’s truly a transformation! After shedding 18 kg of weight by following diet plans and working out, I was rejuvenated. I must say that the role of diet plans and routine work out were crucial; this helped me to bring a complete CHANGE.

I was cheering loud and celebrating my weight loss journey to be fit in my old attire. It was like a dream for me.

Q. Your profession needs odd hours of work. How do you prioritize things?

The odd hours of work change my whole day schedule. I mostly miss on working out. But I try my best to compensate and balance it with having a healthy and balanced diet. Long sitting is unhealthy. I try to take breaks in between and cut on caffeinated and aerated drinks.


Q. What does your current workout schedule look like?

Media job has no fixed working hours. Many a time we have to read live news from 6 a.m. till late hour till 11 o’clock! Honestly speaking, taking care of fitness for us is a big challenge. But still, there is always a way! You have to compromise somewhere.

I take out time for a workout whenever time permits. And yes, I do not compromise with my diet! I know how to balance extra calories and detox my body.

Q.How do you keep a balance among work, family life, and fitness?

Having been focusing on fitness and diet religiously for 3 years, I have developed a habit of making balances. Active body rooms for a healthy mind and innovative ideas. You don’t have to struggle much to balance work and life.


Q. What diet you are currently on? How important is the nutritional philosophy for you?

After having followed diet plans religiously now, I am not taking any special diet.  As per my Nutritionist advice, I eat small and healthy meals in intervals. High biological value proteins, complex carbs, seasonal fruits, and veggies are my daily foods. I add nutrition supplement and multivitamins as and when required after consultation.


Q. What would you like to tell other journalist and media friends who believe that he/she is too busy to think about well- being?


From the past couple of years, I have changed the perception of my teammates and media friends about fitness. Many of them have started working out to keep fit. They also feel more confident at work.

I again would like to give the credit for my weight loss journey to Smriti Jha who has helped me to follow the plan effortlessly and helped me to debunk various food myths.


Q.What advice would you offer for workplaces who want to enable healthy culture at work?


I would especially suggest the organization to keep healthy food and beverages choices in the food cafeteria. Cafeterias are mostly flooded with fried food items only.  Also, people should voluntarily take small breaks between long sitting hours.

You have to push yourself to keep healthy and fit. So, make your choices healthy!

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