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The water baby CEO, Ajith Karimpana says underwater stretch is the new global fitness vogue

Mar 25 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Ajith Kariampana, founder of Furlenco has touched the nerves of consumer habit by bringing the furniture rental startup in its entirety.



In his personal life, he carries dispassion as the most treasured possession but, his passion for water workout is known widely. Ajith Karimpana is a water baby since he was 10. The love and passion for water increased as he grows older. The reason why the high-intensity water-workout wooed Ajith; Something that he loves to do and inspires others too.


About his fitness session


He managed the time for his very own, community pool of his home. He does 40 minutes of underwater stretches under the guidance of his fitness instructor. This is almost equal to an hour of gym-workout! As per Ajith, water-workout is three times harder than a gym workout.


Ajith loves swimming since his childhood and, believes that buoyancy makes the workout hard! Stretching in water needs more resistance: a good way to increase body resistance, says Ajith. Working out in the water helping him to increase the intensity of the workout and reducing the chances of injuries!




What led Ajith to become a fitness freak


The ongoing rising stress levels at work and the sedentary lifestyle convinced Ajith to think for fitness seriously. Continuing with his underwater stretching under a professional trainer he is looking forward to work-out in the water of the Ganges in Rishikesh shortly.



As a Leader for his team




The greatest fear for Ajith is to fail his employees.

He believes that tension and stress are perennial things. Thus, a healthy mind and fit body is the ultimate key to suppress negativity and stress. A leader needs to carry a sharp mind and, so, the workout is a must!

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