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Here’s how you can improve the mental wellness of your employees

Aug 21 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

Your employees are your company’s biggest assets. But how many times have you tried to find out if your employees are chronically stressed out? Are they battling anxiety? Are some of them depressed? Most of the time it is not apparent when someone is coping with a mental health issue.

Here are a few tips on how you can help in your employees’ mental well-being:

Encourage employees to speak

Having a conversation is the basic step to defeat the stigma around treating mental illness as taboo. If you notice an employee behaving differently, like having mood swings or being irritated, don’t hesitate to ask if everything is alright. Even if they tell you they’re fine, remind them that they can get help through necessary and assistive resources. Let every manager and executive demonstrate the importance of mental health.

Create a work-life balance

Though it is easier said than done, studies have revealed that employees report being chronically stressed at work, which means an increased likelihood of mental health problems and diminished quality of work.

Encourage physical exercise

Physical activity is scientifically proven to combat psychological conditions like anxiety and depression.

Emphasize on diet and nutrition

Food has a direct impact on how our brains work and develop. Eating well is not merely counting calories or hitting a target weight. Feeding your brain the right nutrients to optimize its function and ensure that the body receives the right energy without feeling stress and fatigue.


Work-induced stress can never disappear completely. However, these small steps can help enterprises guide their employees in developing healthy daily routines enabling them to reach their physical and mental wellness goals.

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