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This CEO wants his firm to be the healthiest company in the world

Jan 29 2019 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~Team Fitgenix


Striving to create the healthiest company in the world, Dan Calista, CEO of Vynamic is empowering corporate firms to bring healthy cultures in the workplace.


“We want to grow for our people and not at the expense of our people,” says Calista in one of his interviews.


Having a healthy culture is a business strategy for the company, and the results speak for themselves. According to Vynamic, the attrition rate of their company is 10 percent as compared to between 15 to 20 percent for other comparable consultancies.



Working towards well-being every day


Vynamic offices are home to a treadmill desk for long conference calls, stability balls for desk chairs and a Balance Bar, which is a break room stocked with free healthy snacks. It has hired an in-house health coordinator, allows consultants to choose their projects and locations and offers a coaching program to help employees with personal goals.


All employees participate in a group of different teams in learning centres. They learn to make creative things during the frequent workshops specially organized for them.




The team has learnt about Green farming and urban agriculture, making delicious snacks like Chinese dumplings, the art of wax, natural soap making, indoor rock-climbing and the list goes on.

In short, during every season, an employee learns and creates something new and imaginative.




The company’s Fitness Committee issues daily wellness challenges to employees, and the team came out with a cookbook, titled“ I am Hungry: Recipes for Happiness,” full of healthy recipes and available for purchase on Amazon Kindle.



zzzMail Policy: No mails please


“Life is Short. Work Healthy,” is Vynmaic’s motto. It has implemented “zzzMail” policy that pulled the attention of many across the globe.

zzzMail encourages employees not to email their co-workers between 10 PM to 6 AM, Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends and holidays. A call, or text is preferred over mail for urgent matters. Company thinks such structured disengagement from work will fuel improved employee engagement at work.


Awards and recognition

Vynamic’s commitment to wellness leads to a more loyal workforce. The company has got many awards.


-It is the 89th place among “Best workplaces for Millennials 2017.

-Vynamic has been named a 2017 Best Workplace by Fortune Magazine.

-Vynamic Fun department joins companies in the top 3 percent list internationally who have
been recognized for workplace culture.

-Ranks 2nd in work life balance as per Consulting Magazine.

-Bloomberg TV has ranked it as the 3 rd most outrageous company for perks



So if you feel a little overwhelmed after reading about how Vynamic’s prioritises employee well-being, or if you simply don’t have the bandwidth to launch a comprehensive wellness program—well, just be nice. And make sure your employees are, too.

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