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This fitness freak CEO, Craig Cecilio never compromises on working out

May 13 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha

 Craig has been an entrepreneur for all his life. Presently, he is heading a crowdfunding real estate platform. Apart from his CEO profile, he is a fitness freak too. He believes that Nutrition and fitness have helped shape his well-being.



How is Craig’s typical day go on?

 After fitness session, office hours begin where he engaged in phone calls, meetings with potential investors, visiting the construction sites, checking in on the team and more. All the while he is continuously reviewing measurables for his crowdfunding platform and strategizing for the future. But he never compromises on food.


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About Health and Fitness

Craig loves to start the day with a morning workout. If missed, he goes for a jog! He is not the Man of excuses. And, so, Craig gives his 110 percent to maintain the fitness.


Recently, on a social media platform, he reveals that he works out 7 days a week. He tries to mix the work out activity; Sometimes he runs 4-5 miles through San Diego or he hits the gym for group classes. He also takes personal training sessions.


Craig inspires and challenges others to go along with him to keep the fitness level up.


The passion for fitness and love for healthy and nutritious diet is real for Craig. As a CEO, father, husband, and fitness addict, I understand how important nutrition contributes to your overall well- being, it works, says Craig!


Employee motivation and building a productive team


Craig celebrates employee’s good performance. He believes in the team strength for a productive workplace. The best way to bring ideas to life is to have a motivated, smart group of people working efficiently to make it happen, Craig says.


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