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Top 4 things employees expect from a workplace wellness program

Oct 31 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~Team Fitgenix

Onsite employee workplace wellness marks its triumph by well coordinated and comprehensive set of health benefits programs. The strategy to execute such program needs consistent motivation to get realistic health outcomes.


However, the programs offered today are falling short of employee needs and expectations. Somewhere the senior leadership team is failing to grab the attention and participation of their employees at workplace.


Fitgenix try to highlight the top four employee expectations from their workplace wellness program:


  1. Personalization

Employees are looking for one-on-one individual customized wellness plans. Companies can see their employee engagement in more direct way. The customized health benefits plans when it comes under worksite wellness means more than brag worthy employee perks.


  1. Flexibility

Treating your employee akin punctual students of school to participate in your onsite wellness activities is not going to work for a greater stretch of time. Convenience is paramount when it comes to participation, and if employers make it too tough for employees to participate, they will skip. Allow employees to participate with ease, wherever and whenever they want. One can look at digital engagement channels for better employee engagement.


  1. Mental wellness

Mental well being is as much a part of onsite workplace wellness as other health plans. Uneven working shifts and odd working hours for prolonged time have invoked mental stress and dwindling overall health. Corporate organizations have gradually started to take notice of the mental health benefits of their employees, which eventually translates into better productivity.



  1. Company empathy culture

Work-life-balance is not easy. Do not under-deliver a culture that authentically embraces wellness but falls short on actively engaging co-workers. It is better to focus on efforts to help cultivate a healthy culture in which wellness programs can thrive. It would be nice if corporate wellness programs involve participation of employee family members.


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