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Use digital wellness tools to empower employees take charge of their health

Nov 02 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix

Use of digital wellness tools can allow for more efficient tracking and can support employees’ progress toward their health goals.


Look around and you will find everyone carrying around a powerful computer in their pocket, and we can see their behavior digitally by using that device or things connected to that device.


As more health behaviors, such as activity level and food intake, become passively monitored, it can be possible to gain a better sense of an employees’ digital health fingerprint.  By looking and analyzing data we employers can learn how to influence people’s behavior in real-time.


According to a research from Accenture, health plans are missing the boat on engagement. Many of today’s employees want to interact digitally, as they do in their everyday lives. The study shows that employees engage more with health and wellness programs when there is a digital engagement channel. For instance, people who engage digitally respond they access the program weekly—70 percent from a mobile device and 40 percent from a computer.


The advance in artificial intelligence or AI has enabled predictive capabilities that can take the idea of “personalised wellness” to a new level.


There are tools available that can now help improve our lives more directly by predicting issues before they happen and offering ways to adjust our lifestyle. Wearable and tablets collect significant useful data that can be translated, individualized and actionable steps can be taken to change our behaviors and take charge of our own health.





Predictive personalisation goes beyond just tracking a user’s biometric to offering personalised coaching, whether to manage chronic conditions or to better manage issues like sleep, fitness or nutrition.


While digital solutions are undoubtedly useful, one cannot rely on it heavily. Fitgenix urges employers to combine use of technology in addition to keeping the human element intact, and as a result, make wellness programs better in the process.


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