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Use ‘JAAR’ to overcome credit thief at workplace

Mar 19 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


True that bringing a completely new idea seeking lots of efforts. To generate an extremely new winning idea, one should be creative and sedulous in the work.

What if your such innovative work credit goes steal? Will you accept it silently or discover the thief behind?

Stealing the work credit becomes the most infuriating things, can happen in the workplace. And, this is absolutely unethical whether that is done by your co-worker or superior.



As per Brian Uzzi, professor of leadership and organizational change at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, “With collaborative work, it’s not always clear who has done what,” he says, which leaves the door open for a colleague to take undue credit.


Use ‘JAAR’ method- an efficient way to overcome such theft?




1. Jumping straight to point a finger

Hopping into arguments makes anyone feel bad, and you will not get a satisfactory answer either. Instead, try to spend a few moments to discuss and to verify what actually happened. A healthy discussion is always welcome by anyone.


2. Assessment before turning the heat on

It is always better to assess the severity of the case before bringing your thought. Think about how this is going to affect your performance or damaging your career reputation? Why someone is trying to pull you down? Are your co-worker or any staff is feeling insecure? Such query can hit your brain and you can able to assess the situation underlying.




3. Avoid connecting present to past events

Sometimes, the past event happened so bitterly that we often connect it with the present. One should indeed avoid such connecting events. Control your emotions to fall into the heated discussion. To make your point strong, talk about the present incident only so that another person does not piggyback on yours?


4. Rectifying the situation

One should always remember to give credit to the staff who had really assisted in the work or project to complete. Be thankful for the team that helped you in the accomplishment of the task.

Try to frame the effort to create overall a good working relationship rather than boasting about your own toil and sweat.



Brain Uzzi’s research shows that in collaborative projects, it’s important to be agreed upfront on how credit will be allocated. Who will present these ideas to the senior team? Who will field questions? Who will send the email to the rest of the company?

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