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Valuable lessons from Ed Mylett: Achieve any goal and max out your life

Jan 21 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra


~ Smriti Jha


“I am a competitive dude, I want to win. I feel like it’s a calling.” – Ed Mylett


Forbes 50 under 50, Ed Mylett is a renowned speaker, life strategist, and a successful entrepreneur. He has set massive goals and achieved them, and today he is positively impacting the lives of millions of people around the world.


Mylett believes in a disciplined morning routine. According to him, training of the mind is a must. On various platforms, he has shared that a controlled mind can be a great asset to help realise goals.


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Mylett as an influential leader


As an expert coach and a fabulous keynote speaker, he has been influencing many of the business tycoons with his witty and impactful sessions. Some of Mylett’s  influential ‘one liner’ and most applauded by people are –


– Take control of your morning

– Keep training your mind

– Upgrade your identity

– Seeking balance gradually makes you bore

– Keep the promises you have made to yourself

– Touch your dreams

– Lead your life rather than accepting it

– Don’t overlook “sleep”- criminally overlooked element

– Don’t sell your ‘’will’’ to win


A life designed rather than a life accepted


Having gone through setbacks in life, Mylett had turned into a man of determination. His

great ideas and sports temperament have led him to fulfil his wishes and brought spark in

his career.



Mylett’s daily routine and lifestyle


Mylett’s morning starts with a positive thought, one which he carries through the day with a heavy workout and a controlled nutritious diet.



An injured baseball athlete turned entrepreneur, he believes one can easily get bored in life if one doesn’t wake early every morning. He enjoys his life to the fullest with good food, workout, sports and inspiration from legends.


Life is full of a lay on the beach, a lot of golf, a lot of boats, a lot of all that stuff, says Mylett.

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