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When work gets personal: Managing highly sensitive employees

Nov 16 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~Smriti Jha


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a highly sensitive employee? Well, you probably have made a mental list of all the negative and undesirable aspects of such people.


A sensitive employee at work is assumed to have a negative and pessimist personality. Also, the endurance level and capabilities of sensitive employees are always questionable.


If you are the manager of highly sensitive people, consider yourself to be lucky. The authentic highly sensitive people tend to more fully consider options and outcomes and so may be a major asset to your department. They are loyal, conscientious employees, good at team-building and customer relations.


A good manager will acknowledge and remember the capabilities of their team and workforce. Keep speaking at regular intervals with such people as it will surely have a positive reinforcement. After all, productivity from workplace is a major issue and a real need that all managers and organizations seek.


Fitgenix lists 4 effective ways to manage highly sensitive employees




  1. Check your own sensitivity level


Many a times, the deadline of work, limited manpower and stretched work hours snitch your patience level and you burst on your employees. Bursting on sensitive employees can make them feel unsafe and they can outburst their emotions. Choose your words carefully.


  1. Identification is the initial step


Identification of sensitive employee at workplace will be really helpful for a manager to understand them. Once you have identified, an effective communication process will bridge the gap. Sensitive employees tend to go on the back foot. They need to be encouraged and patted for their work and achievements.


  1. Beware of sycophants


Be cautious of the people who flatter their boss and create a safe zone at work. They take criticism easily. On the other hand, sensitive employees have the tendency to take the criticism and complaints personally, which eventually affects work.


  1. Analyzing empathy quotient


Sensitive people have many great qualities and one of them is being in possession of a great empathy level. They understand human errors and problems better than others. A good employer may assess their empathy level and take their help to understand issues and problems that arise at work. Approaching them directly will boost their emotional quotient too.

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