Why we are

Increasing sedentary workforce lifestyles and stress induced metabolic syndromes, chronic diseases and lack of effective workout has become a norm within enterprises, across sectors. With sufficient research study and available data, it is imperative for companies to realize the importance of wellness for their employees.

Three main constituents of our community eco-system

Life is a balancing act. There’s no magic diet or a workout that will miraculously give you the perfect body or health. It’s about behavior.

Who we are

Our belief and success is rooted in deep understanding of people. As the only platform in the country to highlight and raise the importance of wellness at work, we will encourage and bring insightful and meaningful conversations around the subject. Through this medium our goal will be to spread awareness, collaborate and assist in contributing towards creating a culture of wellness within enterprises. People first, and always.

Three key ingredients of our knowledge-sharing platform