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Esther Dyson is devoted to invest for community health

Apr 15 2020 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Esther Dyson is a journalist, author, an angel investor and advisor to healthcare, technology, and aerospace companies. The dynamic Dyson has dedicated her life to breakthrough technology that aims to dramatically improve the lives and well-being of humans.



The fascination for health and healthcare


Her 10 yrs old non-profit project Wellville is acting on the evidence that upstream community investment both improves health and resilience. Dyson is fascinated by new business models, start-ups and new technologies in the market. Focusing on community and institution, behavior change is the key. “We need to invest in health, not to spend on healthcare when it’s too late,” she says.

Dyson is known to invest in and nurtures startups, with a recent focus on health, human capital, and aerospace.


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Dyson doesn’t believe technology as the only solution to improve health


People are being undermined by marketing that sells them bad food, they’re being undermined by cars and transportation, they’re being undermined by being scared that if their kids go outside and walk to school they’ll be kidnapped.” Such a big concern led her to create the non-profit HICCup. The idea is to inform and promote healthy living practices.


Dyson believes that America’s Affordable Care Act will have an impact on how people stay healthy and offer better opportunities and experiences to people seeking medical attention.


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The day Dyson is looking for


She looks forward to a day when you won’t seem obnoxious if you insist on healthy options wherever you go. Dyson says, “if you want to make people healthy you have to do a bunch of things together: change their environment, change school food, have employer wellness, and manage diabetes. Doing all these things together at critical density will bring a real and lasting impact.’’


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