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A company that reminds its employees to take leaves and disconnect from work: Bandwidth – North Carolina’s communication platform.

Feb 12 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Think for a company who thinks for you as parents do. And here it is.

Akin our parents and caretakers, Bandwidth nurtures their employee with good health, nutritious food, assistance in every way to transform them, allowing to spend off time by completely disconnected to work, reminding to keep fit, motivating to participate in sports and fun fitness challenges and, to involve in something you really like to. Yes, these all are happening here in a company whose wellness program has set a standard of wellness culture at work.



The employees of Bandwidth have regular onsite Yoga and Zumba classes to maintain their fitness. Employees can also, opt for a pretty good 10-mile Greenway walk during lunch break if at all they have not enrolled for any fitness program. They are also provided regular sessions with personal fitness trainer and Nutritionist to help them know how to maintain good health.




Company’s 8 wellness program to maintain their employee health, happiness and boost work productivity



1.Whole body program


It offers resources to help employees learn healthy metrics and then provides opportunities to help employees actually reach those metrics — including an on-site cardio gym, off-site gym memberships, and a convenient gym shuttle.



  1. Extended lunch break


The company wants employees to make the most of lunchtime, so they have extended it beyond the typical 30-60 minutes break. The 90-minute lunch break lead employees have time to hit the gym, eat at a leisurely pace, and read a book before getting back to work for the afternoon.




  1. Strengthening team building


The company also sponsors sports and other gymnast events at regular intervals and encourage the team for increasing physical activity level.

Such sports events also build healthy team-building at work, employees think.



  1. Spring sports festival


Spring at Bandwidth is employee madness month for sports. Employees here wait overzealously for an Annual Cornhole Tournament.

The idea behind this is to spend time outside altogether with fun and strengthen the bond of the team.




  1. Health and fitness app: Wellness Wednesday


Those who do not participate or do not feel like going for a workout, they utilize this health app facility.

This app helps an employee to implement a healthy diet and work out in their routine.



  1. Bandwidth’s whole person challenges


‘Cycling challenges’ had grabbed the attention of the majority of employees at Bandwidth. Huge participation and involvement of employees itself say about their enthusiasm to accept the fitness challenges.

The concept behind such a challenge is to focus on body, mind, and spirit, the company believes.



  1. Sabbatical program


Unique of its kind, at Bandwidth, the sprint sabbatical program allows a Bandwidth employee to quit doing their real job for two weeks, in order to work on a completely new project that interests them. Management thinks that this could potentially add value to work and productivity.





  1. Vacation embargo policy


Employees here, are encouraged to completely disconnect from work. And the best part is they get reminders for the same to go for vacations. Even their work email id is disabled so that they can enjoy the time completely.


The vacation embargo policy emphasizes that off to work and be disconnected from work is essential to reenergize you once you back to work.




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