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A J Jacob reveals health secret of his life

May 08 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


The journalist and an author A.J. Jacob had spent a year literally staying Biblically. He had followed every rule mentioned in the bible. This was indeed a great life lesson for him. He learned how to hack his body, even how to became a single woman for a while to investigate dating.



Jacobs treadmill desk that he featured in his book Drop Dead Healthy, has caught the attention of many. The Esquire editor has also tried hundreds of health-conscious life adjustments while writing this book, and the treadmill desk was one of the few he stuck with.


I spent 14 hours a day sitting,” he shared in his interviews.” Now, I find if I walk more, I have more energy.” Jacob figures he walked 1,200 miles while putting his book together.



When Jacob’s all sort of trying did not work

Jacobs seeks to become the healthiest man alive on the planet. He spent two years ingesting the knowledge of diets and fitness regimens. His health quest drove him to grasp every aspect of fitness humanly possible. But, in the end, he paused and understood this was not helping him much.


He later clears his facts and decided to stick on fundamentals. The biggest help of Jacobs’s early discoveries assisted him in breaking the sedentary lifestyle. And that discovery was treadmill desk.

“I write and read on my treadmill and I love it. It’s totally changed my life,” Jacobs says.


What simple thing we ignore while indulging in a bigger task


we have forgotten how to chew, and that is making us eat faster, which makes us eat more, which makes us fat,” he says.





About fitness mania


Jacob was in obfuscation that which of America’s ten thousand nutrition experts should he throw ears? Then he decided to stick with some fundamentals. The stuff about diet and exercise and all that, there’s a lot of agreement and theory, one should understand what can be manageable.


“You sprint for 30 seconds as hard as you can, then you rest for 30 seconds, and you repeat several times. And you can be done with an aerobic workout in 20 minutes and it’s as good for you as going at a leisurely pace for 45 minutes or an hour,” Jacobs says.


Jacobs extols self- motivation as a key for healthy living


Jacob used to enjoy the self-set challenge of walking 10,000 steps each day. He used to track and tally the miles he covers. This motivated him to go on.

Check out Jacob’s health advice that he shared in TED Talk on ‘How healthy living nearly killed me’.


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