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Chatbots: HR’s new friend to support wellness programs

Dec 18 2018 • Written by Smriti Mishra

Video source : AiChat


~Team Fitgenix


Chatbots are application programs that provide assistance over chat messengers. Through this level of simplicity, it is easier to make lifestyle changes; no matter how hectic your schedule.


Chatbots are programmed to be intuitive and predict behaviors on a mass scale – and customise helpful answers to suit your needs. It is proving an effective tool of healthcare communication and, they are transforming the way people in healthcare settings receive information based on defined algorithms.


Chatbots in healthcare, focus on assessing illness symptoms. Unlike the traditional form, people can expect immediate answers and do not necessarily need an in-person examination.


How chatbots can prove to be a big support for your HR organisation:


  1. Boost productivity and efficiency


Automating the processes increases the productivity of HR teams as it lowers the work load. Bots provides assistance to better manage tasks and hence, improve work efficiency.


  1. Saves time

Unlike spending time to get in touch with the reporting manager or HR personnel, employees can directly connect to bots through their mobile phones.


  1. Training the new joinee


If the on boarding process for new employees is consistent in a particular department, training them would be much easier and convenient with bots. If the process is same, bots will be amazing in streamlining the overall training course.


  1. In program execution


With the rise of artificial intelligence, chatbots have the ability to understand and customise the user experience based on their preferences. So every employee can be a part of the same corporate wellness program but the bot can tweak it for them while adhering to a common set of guidelines.


  1. Analyse sentiments rather than only taking feedback


Particularly designed bots can ask employees a series of questions over a period of time. This essentially replaces the traditional time consuming pattern of taking feedback forms, and then take a feedback or actionable insight. Bots are helping by evaluating and analysing human sentiments in a better way.


Creating bots and challenges


Training is the most crucial part of building a chatbot. We are still a long way from what we can see bots doing sentimental analysis in science fiction movies like Her or Ex Machina.

For example, training a bot to understand “I’m ill” doesn’t mean that it will also understand “what and how much medicine dose to suggest.”



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