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Effective employee breaks can increase workplace productivity

Nov 21 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix


Breaks are the best healers for the employees specially those feeling burned-out because of stretched work hours. If you want to boost your business’s productivity, try encouraging your employees to step away from their workstation in between.


5 effective ways employer motivate its employees for taking break.



  1. Allow to disconnect

Employer should motivate employees to detach from work during breaks. This helps to restore energy and will recharge them to resume work. Thinking and talking about work during breaks doesn’t relieve stress, and it may result appending anger and frustration at work.


  1. Incite a break culture

Often employees feel guilty and they avoid taking breaks thinking that it may reflect their apathy at work. However, the truth is that taking even micro-breaks in between work is magical. Breaks are proven to boost employee well-being at work and their productivity.



  1. Run a break timer

A scheduled alarm is a wonderful idea to encourage your employee taking a little break. Doing desk stretching, eyes exercise, chair yoga, grabbing a healthy drink or simply sitting back and relaxing are the best and efficient things employee can do in these micro-breaks.


  1. Provide healthy tucks in between work

Present workplace employees are health sentient. If at all they wish to take break and grab something good in between, the unhealthy food choices available at work acts as a hurdle. They choose to have a cup of tea or coffee and suppress their hunger.

Nuts, protein bars, fruits and health drinks are best options as compared to unhealthy chips, cookies or candy.


5. Office ergonomics in break room


Sitting arrangement is an important consideration for the overall comfort and appeal of the break room. Employers can provide a congenial break room, even a small sized room would do, and can act as a great de-stress station.



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