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For better nutrition, focus on these 5 food synergies

Sep 03 2018 • Written by Smriti Mishra

Nutrition week celebration is on! I am sure your workplace is also enjoying vivid onsite nutrition and wellness programs. Keeping in mind how optimal nutrition integration can evolve your health, we at Fitgenix outline 5 perfect food synergies for you.

 1Iron and Vitamin C

Haem iron which comes from animal sources red meat, chicken, fish, eggs are well absorbed as compared to plant based non-haem iron like whole grains, legumes and dark leafy vegetables. To maximise plant based iron sources in body, eat Vitamin C rich food like lemons, oranges, berries, dark green leafy vegetables etc.

Science behind: Combining non-haem foods with vitamin C sources help change the non-haem iron to a form that is more easily absorbed by our bodies.


2.Vitamins and Fats

Fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) are transported to small intestine via stomach. These vitamins require healthy fat to be absorbed into the body and help in providing energy, keeping cells functioning and supporting the immune system.

Science behind: The healthy fats act as vehicles to carry these vitamins through the intestine, into the blood and liver, where they are stored until the body needs them.


3. Vitamin D and Calcium

There are enough research studies available which shows that inadequate calcium and Vitamin D significantly contributes to the development of osteoporosis, low bone mass and high fracture rates. One may maximise calcium absorption by combining food rich in calcium and some Vitamin D fortified cereals and dairy products.

Science behind: Vitamin D helps absorb calcium.


4. Magnesium and Vitamin D

Magnesium and Vitamin D should be taken together in order to avoid vitamin D side effects and to maximise absorption of both nutrients.

Science behind: Magnesium is used up when Vitamin D is converted into its active form in the blood. Magnesium is also required to convert Vitamin D into its active form in the blood.


5. Zinc and Sulfur

Zinc exhibits anti-oxidant properties which promote body immune function. To maximize its absorption, combine zinc sources Red meats, lean meats, fish, whole grains, and pumpkin with foods rich in sulfur compounds like onion, garlic, beans, legumes, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts etc.

Science behind: This super combination helps fight infection, heals wound, promotes the healthy development of DNA in the body and boosts immunity.


Unlike drugs, nutrients are ‘synergistic’ and interconnected with each other. These evidence based food combinations have been scientifically proven for the  maximum absorption of nutrients in our human body.

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