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For suspense novelist Traci Abramson, writing and walking go together

Jun 15 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


The former CIA Finance Officer turned writer, Traci Hunter Abramson is a Mormon novelist, and, a superwoman in every way!


This suspense novelist is also a supermom and a swimming coach. She coaches a high school swim team. Traci is known for asks her swimmers to keep their grades much higher than the minimum required to participate. She puts her best efforts to help the athletes be not just good swimmers, but good people too. Apart from coaching swimming, Traci also enjoys sports, traveling, writing, and coaching high school swimming.



Traci believes that one of her writing struggles is that she has too many ideas. “I’m very much a discovery writer,” she says. “I don’t outline. I have a general concept and idea and then I just start writing. The award winner Traci Hunter Abramson has written more than 25 books.


You take a piece of real life and kind of twist it and add a ‘what if’ statement and see what could happen ~ Traci Abramson



Walking and writing go together for Traci

Traci does not start the day with a pen or laptop. She prefers to get refresh the mind before penning down new ideas for the book. And, she too is very much like every super mom who helps and run all round to prepare the children for school.


Every morning, after her children left for the day, she heads to the gym along with her portable word processor. Yeah! Now, Traci’s time starts! She is dedicated to her writing. But she cannot compromise on her health either. So, she started both writing and walking together.



Two best things, together can be done. Thanks to technology! The tech-savvy novelist takes her Alphasmart Neo, handheld word processor to hit the gym every morning. Keeping the normal pace on the treadmill, she spends almost an hour just walking on it and writing the very first 600 to 1,000 words for the day.

Traci Abramson seems to always be on the move. Even when she’s not on the treadmill, she’s constantly turning interactions and experiences into new story ideas. She said one of her writing struggles is that she has too many ideas.


“I know it’s not everyone else’s normal process. It probably isn’t even safe for a lot of people – I don’t walk that fast ~ Traci Abramson.’’



How the treadmill writing idea brings innovative ideas?

 The 3-times Whitney award winner, Traci still strives for the balance. She gives credit for the healthy body and fit mind. Something that happened because of writing on a treadmill. In fact, she admits that the treadmill writing came from a desire to stay healthy and keep exercising while still getting writing time in.


What motivates her to keep discovering good writing?

Her desire to build up and add balance to the lives of young people is what motivates her to keep writing novels.


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