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Healthy eats: Why employees at these 5 companies love their cafeteria food

Nov 20 2018 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix


The ongoing nutrition and well being awareness at workplace is gaining impetus. Accepting the fact that eating healthy without losing the charm of taste is increasingly valuable to employees; companies are embracing well managed food operation services for them.


Beyond basic catering, corporate are looking at food services as a motivational factor for their employees to ensure their well-being.


Good food at office is great source of bonding and camaraderie at work.


Here are 5 companies offering some of the best food and services to their employees. Regular feedback from staffs are taken and worked upon to ensure the food lives up to their expectations.


  1. Google, Bengaluru

The Google office in Bangalore will amaze you right from the ambience to food preparation style. Chefs are skilled and ready to prepare dishes from 29 different Indian states as well as global cuisines.

The inside joke of Google 15: As per the employees, the term “Google 15” is basically that you tend to put on 15% of additional weight within 3 months of joining office!


  1. Facebook, Mumbai


The recent Facebook Mumbai office cafe is much talked about. From micro cafeterias to breakout zones, the cafe itself speaks a lot about how much they care about their employee’s food choices.



  1. LinkedIn, Bengaluru


Management ensures that employee don’t just treat office as a boring workplace, but spend good time when they are here. Keeping food tastes in the mind, employees are served hot multi cuisines meals and that too free of cost throughout working hours of the day. Isn’t this simply wow?


  1. Godrej, Mumbai


The office cafeterias consider the food choice of their employees and serve them right from their authentic foods to global dishes.

Also, this cafeteria provides healthy food alternatives like salads or calorie-driven meals to add on nutrition.


  1. TCS, Hyderabad


Employees believe that their office cafeteria is one of the best where they can boast of traditional Indian food to fast food, all on the house of course.

The specialty of this office cafe is they make sure not to waste the food. TCS has put up board at its campuses in the cafeteria and as a practice, the board filled in every day. This is indeed a great motivation and a practice that should definitely be learnt by every organization.


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