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Here are 4 reasons why you need laughter at work

Nov 24 2020 • Written by Smriti Mishra

The monsoon blues are something many of us suffer from, with a lack of sunshine, and little vitamin D, causing a drop in our mood, energy levels and general well-being.Well you can’t attempt to change the season, but one area that you can consider to embrace is to try and laugh more.


Laughter is healthy! One because you burn 3 ½ calories every time you laugh loud. And combine it with a good sense of humour; it plays a significant role in curbing employees’ work stress. This eventually contributes in making a happy and productive workplace.


Here are 4 good reasons why a company’s leader should think for the need of laughter and humour at work:

1. Laughter and fun at work equals productivity


Growing body of global research companies like Fortune, Hewitt & Associates have already come up with data that shows how humour at work is a helpful tool in combating work stress. Employees with a good sense of humour are more sought and tend to get rewarded more often as they are more productive.


2. Tames your workplace artificial stress and boosts morale


Do you remember when you saw your Boss laughing aloud and cracking a joke to lighten the stress at work? The workplace can be a very stressful environment.  Humour is a great way to diffuse a high-tension situation and reduce potential personnel problems. Imagine how wonderful it would be if your Boss pats on your back with a smile or sends some light, funny email, to remind you to not take work too seriously. This help elevates trust and camaraderie at workplace.


3. Helps prevent job burnout


Many of us have at least one face in our heads who we have never seen to smile. People think cracking humour or laughter may affect their professionalism. Yes, it will, if you use humour to insult or offend anyone. However, studies and research reveal that healthy humour and fun at work brings more creativity and productivity. Also, such employees get along better with their co-employees.


4. Use healthy humour as a management tool


The more pressure you get, the lesser is the output of quality work. Harmless humorous antics in the workplace are now encouraged by many enterprises and the boards are taking humour as an employee morale boosting tool. Human Resources team are coming up with a humour and fun committees to create a more cohesive team.


Laughter and fun activities in professional life are vital. This is the best available medicine we all have. So, laugh and take humour seriously at work.

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