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Here’s why Motley Fool’s forces its employees to go on a Fool’s Errand

Jan 23 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Working at Motley Fool is more fun than you might expect, and much of that has to do with its wellness program. From free spinning classes and bootcamps to in-house subsidised massages, the health and fitness perks are off the charts.



“One of our core values is collaboration, and that’s one of the highly excitable things that I do,” says Chief Wellness officer, Sam Whiteside. He manages to pull different ‘Fools’ from different departments who may have had only one conversation before, but be united in a fitness class.


Fool’s 10 attractive wellness packets




Company’s wellness goal is about more than just sweating at gym. They provide full time certified personal trainer to healthy clubs, snacks and ample holidays for new Moms and dad employees.

Their unique health programs include –


 1. Massage to de-stress employees

Subsidised massages for employees twice a week to help them de-stress at work.



2. Open gym facility 

This is provided on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Fool offers discounted gym memberships also. Free weights, foam rollers, yoga mats etc. are available to ensure that wellness can be personalised to any level.



 3. Play and be active

 An open court is rent out across the street from Fool HQs where employees can play basketball, soccer and floor hockey on a rotational basis.



4. Health classes

Free Inhouse Health Classes are conducted. Spin classes and kettlebell workouts are available without any expensive gym fees.



5.Health Fair

 Company hosts an annual health fair with flu shots, screenings, assessments, and many more healthswags!



6.Fitness club and healthy snacks

Fools run an array of active clubs that range from knitting to hiking to kickball. Here, Café is stocked with free healthy snacks including fresh vegetables, fruit and yogurts throughout the week. They also have vending machines with healthy options at low prices.



 7. Amazing monthly challenge

 Each month a challenge or theme is led by someone at work. The intention is trying to make every month different from the previous month. After theme selection, a wellness fool is nominated at work who leads the fitness challenge further, and the process repeats. For instance, in their Active April challenge, employees had to do one meeting per day. There were push-ups during meetings and people walked around the office. This helped in employee engagement.



8. Run for reimbursement

 Employees, who want to participate in a race of any kind, are offered 50 percent reimbursements. It also helps pull people who never thought they could run for a long. Presently wellness engagement at Motley Fool is around 86 percent, a pretty well figure.



9. Vacation policy

The company says that they have a “No-Policy Vacation Policy,” encouraging employees to take all the time they need as long as their work is getting done.

To remind employees of the importance of taking time off, they created the Fool’s Errand. Once a month, one employee is chosen at random and is then required to take a two-week vacation within the next month. One must completely unplug, and they get $1,500 to spend on the Fool’s Errand. Every month, someone gets a free 2 week vacation.

Every employee must take the Fool’s Errand, and no one gets let off the hook.



10. Parental leaves

Company thinks new moms and dads need more time to take care of their little ones. So, they are offered 16 weeks of paid leaves. Company also offers discounts at local day cares. Also, new parents receive $200 to use for their new family member.



Interesting facts:


It probably sounds risky to offer employees this type of unchecked freedom. However, when The Motley Fool conducted an internal employee survey the results were hard to ignore:


-Over 95 percent of employees said that The Motley Fool demonstrates a commitment to their well-being

-87 percent said they usually have enough energy to overcome challenges at work

-90 percent said they would recommend The Motley Fool as a great place to work

-Their unwanted turnover rate is roughly 5 percent

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