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How IIFL CEO Sumit Bali reboots his mind

Aug 10 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


The chief executive officer, executive director of India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL), and a veteran of more than 20 half marathons, Sumit Bali is an active and one among the fittest CEO list.

Sumit believes that the dedication for running, fitness, sport or such work out activity is a solid indicator of the effort that an individual is likely to put in at work. The passion for running led him to destress at the workplace and keep a balance between work and life. Running keeps him fit; It has a positive influence on the work, he has mentioned repeatedly with the media interactions.


Preparation for running is like a Litmus test


Sumit used to actively participate in sports activities from college days. As a student of Delhi University, he has represented in various events of middle- and long-distance competition. A good memory of finishing a half marathon in a rather quick time of 76 minutes is remaining fresh.

He remembers how his mind trains himself to get ready for preparation and training. Sumit believes that if someone sets reasonable objectives for running, one should work diligently to achieve the goal. As per Sumit, It also shows a fair bit of the person’s character.


The way you plan, train and overcome challenges in running or any sports is akin to a litmus test. Your preparation and dedication for the activity of choice speak volumes of how you are likely to function in office, says Sumit.


How does workout activity add significant role at work?

For Sumit, balancing training and work calls for discipline and dedication at work. Also, it brings a feeling of being productive throughout the day.


About healthy diet

Sumit Bali is not known for late-night parties. He tries his best to munch on healthy food, especially while planning meals around running. He manages to catch good sleep to smoothen the next day.

The running inspiration leader requests people to spend at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, on fitness. “It will make them more disciplined and keep them healthy ~ Sumit Bali.



How Sumit trains himself?

Sumit prefers to train five days a week. He runs for 5 to 7 km in the evening, mostly after wrapping the work.

And once a week, he manages to run in the morning. The early morning time allows him to cover the long distance for running.



How he gets the team inspired and motivated?

Sumit believes that to see a senior official balancing work and personal life inspires the team at as well. He motivates the team to come out of the comfort zone and be active. Sumit and team are taking leads and enrolling for various running and sports activities.


Running brings him solution and ideas

Running is the way Sumit gets to freshen the mind and adds vigor to tackle the work stress. The business leader gets the solutions to work-related problems while out on a run.

This is the time to reboot his brain and come up with new and innovative ideas.





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