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How Netflix creates high performing employees

Jan 09 2019 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix


For Netflix, employee wellness is more than thinking about employee’s physical health. Enough work offs and vacations are considered for their staffs in need.


The vacation policy of Netflix is most talked among its employees!




Boosting parent employees


Netflix employees do not have to worry when they are about to become a new parent. The employees here manage work life balance by taking day offs. Management understands that if their staff stresses about asking time off they are probably not their most happy selves. This won’t make them their most productive or creative selves either.


Netflix is unique in offering up to one-year paid time off, which is rare in country like United States to its new moms and dad employees!


Unlimited time-off


They need to take a day off to take care of something that is going on in their personal life and if the matter is affecting their professional lives. The company happily offers its employees unlimited time off for vacation and sick days.


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