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Kinetosis: 9 natural ways to prevent the mysterious illness of motion sickness

Dec 07 2018 • Written by Smriti Mishra


~Team Fitgenix


Do you have unpleasant feeling of sickness while driving or travelling in your office cab?


If you are someone who suffers from motion sickness, travelling is almost guaranteed to be uncomfortable for you. Sensation of being utterly nauseated and the feeling of wooziness can be a cause of trouble.


This mysterious illness, scientifically termed as Kinetosis or motion sickness, occurs when our senses send out too many conflicting signals and make us dizzy. Motion sickness can occur while travelling with any kind of transport and is named accordingly like car sickness, air sickness, sea sickness etc.



Before taking any medicine, try these natural 9 ways to prevent Motion Sickness




  1. Avoid eating too much before or during travel

It is the stomach acids which cause nausea and reflux, so avoid eating a heavy meal prior to travel. Preferably eat an hour before. Keep full fat dairy items to the minimum.


  1. Say NO to acidic drinks

Avoid acidic or carbonated drink, which upset the stomach easily. Have a clear fizzy drink (flavoured non alcoholic drink), lime juice or lime honey water if you are prone to travel sickness.


  1. Keep a bottle of ginger-ale handy

Different flavours of ginger candy are available in the market and it is best known to help with nausea. You can also prepare homemade ginger-ale, if time allows.

Preparation (water- 1cup, sugar 1/4th cup)

Wash and mince/grate a medium piece of ginger. Boil ginger, sugar and water till water becomes half of its quantity. Cool it and later add 2 tbsp lemon juice. Bottle it and sip in intervals.


  1. Slurp a slice of lemon

Lemons are known to stimulate brain regions where it signals to cease sickness. Also, it helps settle stomach discomfort by preventing nausea and vomiting.


  1. Suck on ice cubes

Again, the simplest yet effective home remedy is sucking ice cubes. This results into stomach soothing and cease queasiness.


  1. Have apple juice

The presence of pectin present in apples helps to settle the stomach. Sip on apple juice before you start your ride.


  1. Have Salty Cracker

Keep nibbling on crackers or biscuits to prevent gastric juices from building up on an empty stomach. You can also try some salted potato chips.


  1. Licorice

This is a great antacid and anti-inflammatory remedy. Licorice taken as a tincture, decoction or infusion reduces acidity in the stomach and brings down mucus in the stomach lining. Licorice candy works just the same way.

 CAUTION: Do not take licorice if you are pregnant as it can induce contractions.


  1. Chamomile herb/tea

This beautiful herb is beneficial in reducing the headache and nausea that comes from motion sickness. Sip a chamomile tea and you will feel your body relax immensely.


People, who suffer from migraine and headache, are more prone to motion sickness!

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