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Millennials are old news, employers will now be inclined for Generation Z employees

Jan 03 2019 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~Team Fitgenix


Workforce today are made up of as many as five generations with diverse demands and ever-declining levels of engagement.


The newest generation that is starting to enter the workforce, and the office, called as the Generation Z — people born after 1996 — is about to hit the working world in a big way.


They are also known as iGeneration (iGen), and are radically different from generation Y, better known as the Millennials.



Hallmark of Generation Z



Generation Z doesn’t know a world without digital devices, internet or social media. This makes them easily accustomed to new technologies. It’s like a second nature to them. The Gen Z employees have immense sense of competitiveness, and entrepreneurial spirit.


They seem to care less about brand loyalty compared to older generations. They value more on the experience and product features and have no inhibitions to quickly switch to another brand if they are unhappy.


Their ability to learn quickly and pick up on things, combined with the pace that they can contribute directly to a business and its bottom line is something that is talked a lot.


Michael Litt, a Generation Z employer and CEO of video platform Vidyard, states that “a natural result of growing up with a camera in your pocket is that you are not afraid to use it.” He goes on to add about his generation Z employees: “These folks are pros at presenting themselves face forward in a polished, confident yet natural way.”


How will Gen Z restructure the workplace?



David Stillman, co-writer of book Gen Z @ Work: How The Next Generation Is Transforming The Workplace writes that Gen Z is actually more concerned with privacy than millennials; they carefully curate what they share and who they share it with.


Gen Z is independent, competitive and even willing to start at the bottom of the ladder. These attributes add on to their personality. A majority of them are the children of Gen X who have seen tough economic times in late 1980s. Gen Z children turned employees are raised with the belief that the world is tough and hard work is the only way to succeed.


Being flexible in assigned work or project Gen Z employees seek regular feedback on their performance. They want to look at their bosses in the eye with a confidence, want to know where they are falling short, and if they are working in the right direction, an appreciation is a must.


The drawbacks: Well, it will be more difficult to manage employees from Gen Z compared to older generations, and it will be more difficult to train Gen Z employees.




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