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Put an end to the “Blame Game” at your workplace

Jan 30 2019 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~ Team Fitgenix


You do not blame your shadow for the shape of your body. Just the same: Do not blame others for the shape of your experience― Gillian Duce


In every work environment there comes a time when mistakes are made. These can range from simple typos in emails to wrong information being sent out to a client, or worse, confidential information being sent out to the wrong client. Regardless of the magnitude of the error, even the best employees can end up rattled and flustered.





Enter the unhealthy blame game. This irrational situation traps us in a manner where no one wins. And, it becomes the root causes of developing an unhealthy work culture.




Role of leaders to fix this irrational storm of shifting the burden


Ben Dattner, the author of  The Blame Game: How Hidden Rules of Credit and Blame Determine Our Success or Failure writes that instead of focusing on what went wrong, companies should focus on how to make it work the next time.


Knowing and getting into how it started rather than who started can definitely help in fixing the problem and controlling the situation. A good leader is wise enough to put a pause before it starts down-shifting the team’s drive.




Trapped under the “Blame Game” storm


The temptation is huge to shift the burden on others when you make a mistake. But this points a finger on your accountability too. It affects trust and collaboration in the team and eventually, each one starts preserving self-image and playing safe from their end.

You need to be accountable and responsible for your own actions by limiting your emotions. It is better to crush this storm before it tramples you.




7 effective ways to overcome blame game


– Try to form or be a part of a solution-oriented culture.

– Pause your impulsive emotion and think for the team’s esteem first.

– Time is the key to stop this contagious blame game. Delay in resolving issues make
bad things to worst.

– A healthy discussion on the problem should be done at the earliest.

– Do not hesitate to approach your manager or boss to intervene and solve any issue
or workplace problem.

– Share the opinions and views of the employees on the team.

– A healthy workplace is a productive workplace, curtail the source of toxic elements.



Always think for your contribution to solving the problem. Remember, no one wins the blame game in the end!

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