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Revealed: Elon Musk’s routine and fitness tips

Jan 28 2019 • Written by Team Fitgenix

~Team Fitgenix


Elon Musk’s schedule has been the subject of fascination for all of us. When you work nearly 80-100 hours a week, finding time to exercise can be really difficult. However, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and an extremely busy father of five does find the time to exercise.


Akin the perfection in his work, Musk has mastered the art of work-life balance. Here is a look at his lifestyle and what makes him stay in shape.


On waking up


He wakes up at 7 AM each morning. The first routine he does after waking up is to reply to all critical emails during the first 30 minutes.


Diet and Fitness


A coffee lover, he drinks coffee in the morning even if he is too busy for breakfast. Omelette and coffee make his morning most of the day.




He usually skips breakfast. In a couple of his interviews, he admitted to sustaining his pace with caffeine, where he gulped eight cups of Diet Coke and several cups of coffee daily. But after he started feeling “jacked” to the point of “losing his peripheral vision”, he had to cut back.


Instead of eating a traditional lunch, and spiking his body’s insulin levels, Musk opts for a small low-calorie meal. Lunch is usually served to him during a meeting, and he takes five minutes to finish it.




Musk has been following ‘intermittent fasting’ for the entirety of the day. He reaps the benefits that fasting has to offer, and consumes the proper amount of nourishment his body requires.



He overeats and does party too


Business meet for dinners is where he mostly overeats. Musk otherwise, doesn’t spend too much time on meals. Musk is also known to attend and throw occasional wild parties. He is a fan of the yearly Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert of western United States.



Time at the gym


Workload does not permit him to sweat out frequently at work. He manages to work out two to three times a week in the gym, sticking to cardio on the treadmill and weight training.



Sleep to maintain mental acuity


Musk has revealed that he sleeps almost exactly six hours on average. He realises that compromising on sleep amounts to lower productivity at work. He wakes at 7 AM and goes to bed after 1 AM.



Musk belief for ‘power of shower’


Elon Musk believes that the one daily habit that has had the “largest positive impact” on his life is showering. He always makes time for showering, no matter what.



Company culture


Taking lead on maintaining employee wellness culture, he cut out his own caffeine intake and later, made available caffeine-free Diet Coke for all at work.


Musk is a quality driven person. He is known to use an obscure work email address, which helps him block all unnecessary correspondence. It helps him to stay focused for productive work.


Focus on signal over noise. Don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t actually make things better.                                                                                                                                       ~ Elon Musk


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