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Revealed: Fitness mantra of Pankaj Dubey, MD, Polaris India

Dec 03 2018 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~Smriti Jha


Picture a fitness freak, and you will find that enterprise leaders probably aren’t the first people who come to mind.


Modern leaders have jam-packed schedules, which makes it hard to imagine they find time to commit to training for fitness or sports. A low-energy CEO is a problem for any company–as is a stressed out one.


For Polaris India, Country Head and CEO Pankaj Dubey, the mantra for successful work life is a routine workout and a controlled diet.




He wakes up early around 5 -5:30 am each day and goes for a walk. Walking reflects in his daily to-do list.  He has set a target of completing 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. As a resident of Delhi, he prefers metro to commute to work instead of driving and after reaching at work, he prefers using the stairs whenever he can.




He stresses on a good and controlled diet as well. To reduce excess calories, Dubey fasts once a week that can act as a detox. We probe him more on his fasting schedule,  and he reveals that he fasts on all Thursdays and Ekadashi (the 11th lunar day)  with no intake of salt. “I also keep fast during the Navratri on all the nine days, twice a year, and  mostly eat fruits, veggies and milk products,” he shares.


On a normal day, his first meal is mostly packed with proteins and vitamins. He prefers dark green veggies and seasonal fruits in hid regular diet. He tries to have the last meal for the day before sunset.


“I am a strict vegetarian and avoid garlic and onions too. In simple terms, my food preference if what is commonly referred to as Jain food,” he says.


The choice of his food tells us that Dubey has kept himself well informed on food habits and nutrition. Claiming himself a ‘teetotaller’ he also strictly avoids soft drinks.

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