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Siemens is shaping the future health & wellness of workplace

Jan 10 2020 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~Smriti Jha


Siemens boasts about its high standard of occupational health and safety for the employees at work. The company promotes the physical, mental and social well-being of employees through a range of demand-oriented and workplace-centered activities.


The company strongly believes inculcating health-promoting behaviors at work. Siemens’s employee wellness program includes four index of health – psychosocial wellbeing, healthy nutrition, physical health, and medical care. These are in a way early preventive measures to curtail the health risks of employees.


Enterprises […] also have the obligation to provide […] for their employees, not to mention all such measures […] ultimately also serve to improve job satisfaction and their ability to perform.

~ Carl Friedrich von Siemens


The significant role of psychosocial factors in work productivity


Siemens backs on minimizing psychosocial risks in the workplace and to strengthen the individual ability of our employees to cope with the stress. Something that affects overall productivity.


To lower the work stress and create a balance in work and life, the company made a road map for the employees globally. The program is called ‘’Life in Balance’’.



Promoting healthy food behavior


What we eat is what we become. Simple! It would be extra special care if the workplaces start promoting healthy food behavior. Sharing the good food habits of the employee will also add on evolving the behavior. Health conscious, better say health aware employees are a great motivation for the workplaces. Their wellness story must be told and shared. Sharing is caring!


Physical health


The company values the health and fitness of its employees. The facility of gym, fitness club and sports club are really helping the employees across.

Apart from slogging in a closed cabinet, the employees can also go sweat outdoor. They can either play or, do aerobic exercises as per their choice.



Mental care


How many employees go straight and share the ailments with their Boss or Human Resource department? Why don’t they share? What makes them stop?

The company says that since the experts estimate that around 70% of those affected are not seeking help – for fear of stigmatization, we at Siemens have therefore decided to make mental health a topic and to promote an open approach to mental illness in the workplace.


The employer must take going forward to support the employee mental being. There are several programs already existing. Coming up with a new and different is always welcome though because you know your employees better.



Enabling healthy workplaces


In the new era of technology & globalization, and the changing pattern of work style, it is imperative for employers to create a healthy workplace.

Siemens has taken a step ahead, and have been promoting a culture of wellness to revive the workplace. This eventually helps the company in their overall work productivity!


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